Chad Babcock

Chad Babcock:

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TumbleTime Gymnastics

Chad's Entrepreneur Story:

I would like to join EO to surround myself with other entrepreneurs. I believe this will help me become more knowledgeable, improve my business leadership skills, and assist me in continuing to grow my businesses.

After talking to several members, I also believe EO can help me emotionally and mentally with challenges that only the self employed encounter. I started my first business - the Magic Tumble Bus - in 1997. Then we expanded to Tumble Time Education center in 1999, Jump Time Meridian in 2010, Jump Time Boise 2012, Jump Time Twin Falls 2013, Soccer Time Twin Falls in 2014 and as well as diversifying with the addition of several liability companies thus totaling 13 companies.

I am married to my wife of 15 years and we have two wonderful children and live in Boise.