Dave Myers


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Apex Leaders

Dave's entrepreneur story:

I’m Dave Myers and the founder of Apex Leaders ( www.apexleaders.com ). Apex Leaders guides M&A professionals to make winning investment decisions from other’s experiences. Our comprehensive understanding of M&A’s human capital needs, combined with our ability to deliver exceptional advisors, shapes the decision to invest or walk.

I founded the the company in 2009 in Silicon Valley and relocated the firm to Boise, ID in 2012. I have a dual passion in the operation of our company; ensuring we enhance the lives of our customers while helping our colleagues achieve their professional and personal dreams. I love to win and experience the greatest joy in helping other people win.

Outside of work I enjoy a life rich on experiences with my wife, son and daughter, in addition to reading, cooking on the grill, and trail running/mountain biking in the Boise foothills.